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Kate McGill   *  +1 312.493.5711   *  Kate[at ]

Kate McGill is a Masters level registered mental health therapist working with children, individuals and couples who are struggling through issues of: Self worth & self doubt, Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety, Grief & loss, Attachment (including Adoption and Foster Care), Intimacy, Navigating life transitions and, Spirituality/issues of faith.


Michael McGill   *   Skype: mikemcgill   *   +1 773 592-0951   *   Mike[at]

Michael McGill, PhD

I’ve invested time in over 55 countries throughout Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and Latin America, usually while managing international projects. I’ve resided in Uganda with my family since 2012. Since 1999 I have facilitated productive interagency partnerships internationally, used passionate public speaking and writing to call others to specific actions on behalf of the oppressed, and shown commitment to reflective practice and evidence-backed action. My PhD research focused on better engaging children and youth in the majority world as peacebuilders.

Please feel free to contact me for consulting or more information about my work or research.